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[06 Apr 2006|03:28pm]

okay seriously. this has been steaming my beans lately.

is it just me or does anyone else wish fall out boy would, FOR ONCE, have something original on their cd's? i was reading high fidelity a few weeks ago and BAM! one of the lines is which came first, the music or the misery? and i was like are you fucking SERIOUS?

just once. just once i'd like them to come up with something original. but that happening is like saying pete wentz won't like little girls anymore.

sorry to those of you that are insane fob fans and/or love pete wentz.
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everybody. [17 Sep 2005|05:07pm]
i hate gong to the grecory store when i have to bring my baby. people always have something to say it seems. some stupid bitch walks by me and scoffs at the fact i have a baby. and not shortly there after another one has the nerve to ask me how old i was. "i'm almost 20" she replies "a little young to have a baby aren't you" my response was you'd think i was too young for cancer too wouldn't cha but i've had that too." she almost runs away. if anybody has wordsthey want to say to me because i'm a teenage mom they can kiss me ass otherwise i don't give a crap about their opinions.

i'm done.
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